Ol Dirty Bastard Hip-Hop ReAction Figure By Super7

Shimmy your way down to Trill this season and nab this new ReAction figure by Super7 of a Wu-Tang Clan originator, Ol Dirty Bastard. You can now Return to the 36 chambers whenever you wanna feel what’s goin down in the golden era of hip hop. This soon-to-be classic ReAction figure has ODB’s signature wild ass faded medusa braids and big-ole Timbos for stompin’ and doin’ damage. The packaging itself is a reference to the Big Baby Jesus’s controversial album art, where he used his profile pic and welfare card for the city of Brooklyn Zoo. This is also a way to commemorate the album going Platinum last year. So Baby C.mon… Dont u Know? It’s time to Protect Ya Neck with the raw bizarre vocals of a Rap Icon and remember about how when we was kids we used to say who can do this the longest (aaahhhhhhhhhh)…

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