There is nowhere to run too and nowhere to hide from this deluxe Warriors box set marking the 40th anniversary of the cult classic. Part of the Mezco toyz collection, this set features Warrior heros Ajax, Swan, and Cleon, rocking those classic vests, and two Baseball Furies. It comes with those classic street gang accessories, baseball bats, a switchblade, a molotov cocktail, and more.

Now that Cyrus is dead and Luther blamed the Warriors, they only have one night to make it back to Coney Island fighting their way through 20,000 cops and 100,000 sworn enemies. You can almost hear those empty bottles clanking as you yell ‘come out and play-yay.’ Good thing this set is safely chilling on the rack at Trill and you dont have to travel 27 miles behind enemy lines, dodging armies of the night to grab it and bring it back to your turf. Can you dig it? I SAID, CAN YOUUU DIIIIG IIIIIT???!!!

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