You gots to check out this art book. It combines hip-hop titans from the dawn of the golden era with pioneers in the graffiti movement. Its large full color 9×12 pages feature a portrait of each artist, along with a statement of how and when they got started, and then a black and white photo that they remixed with color, as well as another piece by each artist.
The photos are all original photographs taken by Janette Beckman in the 80’s and 90’s, featuring rap stars such as the Beastie Boys, Big Daddy Kane, Grand Master Flash, EPMD, Queen Latifah, Slick Rick, De La Soul, Chuck D, Dr. Dre, and so many more. The graffiti artists include ZEPHYR, REVOLT, CRASH, FAUST, LADY PINK, plus so many others. This is a great coffee table book since you can pick it up, flip through a few pages and recognize a number of artist mash-ups. Its like a concise hip hop encyclopedia and a must for fans of the culture. We have a limited amount of these in our Art Book section down at Trill. Get yours today!

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