Super7 did it again, this time with Czarface’s Czar Noir ReAction figure. Czar Noir is a renegade robot engineered by Czarface’s chief creative scientist and combat strategist, Xave Rystarr. Based on Czarface’s new album of the same name, this version of the 3.75” articulated Czarface ReAction figure by Super7 features a black body with red accents and cape.

Czar Noir Czar Noir Czar NoirCzar Noir

This is the perfect edition to the collection of Super7 Czarface ReAction figures. We happen to have all 3 in stock at Trill Hip Hop Shop, and on our website. If you are interested in copping the new Super7 Czar Noir or it’s accompanying Blue or Grey edition of the Czarface ReAction figure, hit up our store online or stop by the actual shop if you are in the Phoenix Metro area!

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