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"Speshal Blends" is an instrumental album highlighting many of the beats from the various albums he has worked on with various artists, including himself. The name is homage to MF DOOM’s classic instrumental series, “Special Blends.” The album art also references DOOM’s beat collection. However, instead of playing on the Zig-Zag motif, the “Speshal Blends” covers riff off the logos of popular cigar brands.


1. Walberto (prod. by Windsor James)
2. Pool Hall Scene (prod. by D.R.U.G.S.)
3. Training (prod. by Vokab)
4. Old Hunnits (prod. by Tre Eight)
5. Lalin Scene (prod. by Trox)
6. Smoke Break Intermission (prod. by Chup The Producer)
7. David Kleinfeld (prod. by Chup The Producer)
8. Benny Blanco Club Scene (prod. by Graph Wize)
9. Button Up (prod. by MichaelAngelo)
10. Ending Scene Skit
11. The Last Call (prod. by V Don)

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Speshal Blends