I know what you’re thinking… You can’t have a real DJ Battle with a Controller. Oh, on the contrary haters, you must be mistaken. 

DJ’s have always been trend setters and tastemakers when breaking new music and creating new ways to play and perform in public. When Kool Herc took two identical copies of the same record to extend the break, who knew it would plant the seed of this genre we all love and call Hip-Hop. How about when Grandmaster Flash would mark up the body of the vinyl with crayon, fluorescent pen, and grease pencil as the first queue points to help him determine how to manipulate the vinyl record. Fast forward 30 plus years and we don’t even need to really bring records to rock a party thanks to digital vinyl systems like Serato, Traktor and RekordBox to name a few.

Now don’t get it twisted just because technology has advanced and so have certain DJing techniques, one thing that still remains the same… “Real recognize real”. Whether you’re Dope on Turntables, CDJs or Controllers, it doesn’t matter, just be Dope. Those, DJ’s who can rock a controller… Save the Date (May 1st) an all controller DJ Battle at Trill. Stay Tuned.

For more information please email: kreatesuccess@gmail.com

~DJ Akshen

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