Myka 9 and The Cloaks Light Up Trill Hip Hop Shop – A Night of Unbridled Energy

Hip-hop enthusiasts will gather on Friday, March 8th, 2024, at the Trill Hip Hop Shop for an evening saturated with hard-hitting beats, improvisational wizardry, and lyrical gymnastics that only underground legends could deliver. The line-up is a communion of influences and talent, headlined by Myka 9 of Freestyle Fellowship, supported by Awol One, Gel Roc, of The Cloaks.

The air will be buzzing with electric anticipation as fans from diverse walks of life pack into the venue from 6 PM, setting the stage ablaze until the last mic drop at 9:30 PM.

Tour Highlights

The tour stop at Trill brought with it a mash-up of raw talent and varied hip-hop styles, delivering why the genre transcends time and trends. Myka 9, the forefather of the West Coast’s fast-rhythm and jazz-influenced rap, backed by the lyrical fortitude of Awol One and Gel Roc asthe group, The Cloaks, proved to be a showcase of the very essence of underground hip-hop culture.

Experience and Atmosphere

The Trill Hip Hop Shop is known for its dedication to hip-hop culture, with walls adorned with graffiti art and shelves stacked with vinyl – a sanctuary for those who appreciate the roots of hip-hop. On the night of March 8th, this hallowed ground will add a new chapter to its storied existence.

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