Back in May we were fortunate to have D-Stroy from Showoff Your Gems and the Arsonists interview the legendary Lord Finesse right here at Trill Hip Hop Shop. This all took place during the massive 2 year anniversary event we put together. D-Stroy and Lord Finesse talk about the shop, hip hop, some dope hip hop collectibles, some of Finesse’s past experiences, and more. This is by far the best interview by Lord Finesse we have ever seen, and it all went down right here at the shop.

Huge shout out to D-Stroy for everything he has done and continues to do for hip hop culture and the shop. Another huge shout out to Lord Finesse for the interview, his contribution to hip hop for over 3 decades, and for coming through and being a part of some of the things we have had going on over here the past few years. I also want to big up Christie Z of DMC USA for making the connect a few years back that brought us to this exact moment. We appreciate you Christie!



To see some of the other dope stuff we have going on over here at Trill Hip Hop Shop check out our official YouTube channel here!


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