Blank walls in your house? Need a gift for that hip hop enthusiast in your life? Don’t trip. Trill has you covered. We have a whole series of Justin Bua posters that can liven up your living room, or add depth to your bedroom. Bua has created a body of artwork that spans decades. Focused on creating his own surrealist style of exaggerated features, highlighting the hands of the DJ and musician, the mic of the Emcee, and the body movements of dancers, Bua was able to carve out an enigmatic and successful career parallel to, and part of hip hop culture.

Like many in the movement, his style and work is known way beyond his name. Hailing from the Upper West Side of NYC, Bua was able to find his artistic voice within the graffiti and rap cultures, and has since blessed the world with dozens and dozens of paintings of rap stars, celebrities, and his own archetypes representing the elements of hip hop. He teaches, speaks, and travels, and works on all sorts of projects. Justin Bua showed up for the Trill grand opening back in May. We also have his book available too, The Legends of Hip Hop with over 50 different paintings of the leaders of the movement.


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