One of New York’s finest, Grafh, will be kicking it at Trill Hip Hop Shop on day 1 of the 2 Year Anniversary party. Grafh is a true lyricist, with word play and style for days. He is one of the most talented MCs out of Queen’s, New York. He has put out several mixtapes with over the years, some of the more notorious put out by DJ Allure, DJ Rob, DJ Whiteowl, DJ Mr. FX, DJ Ted Smooth, and the undisputed mixtape king.. DJ Green Lantern. Dude is the epitome of a true NY wordsmith.

We are beyond stoked at the talent involved in our 2 year anniversary party. This is going down in the history books as one of the illest events Phoenix has ever seen. Don’t forget, there are a few (and I mean a few) VIP packages left for this event. Get the last few now before they are gone. They include limited edition collectibles, streetwear, and guaranteed access tot he artists for both days of the event. Get yours by clicking here!