Czarface Hip-Hop ReAction Figure By Super7

Czarface, the supergroup and the hip hop hero formed when combining 7L, Esoteric, and Inspectah Deck, can now be yours! With this new ReAction figure from Super7 available now at Trill. The 3.75 inch figure comes with fresh card art from Lamour Supreme of Czarface doing his signature move of lasers out the eyeballs! Step aside and see if he joins or crushes your crew of villains. He comes decked out in his signature suit of armor and cape and is ready to draw the 1st weapon. This enigma has appeared on multiple albums, a comic, some animation, and now with an action figure! Come grab a fistful of peril before these pieces sell out. Also, peep the pandemic track Eso released called Stir Crazy for some contemporary clownin’.

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