Bukue One has been added to the Trilloween lineup! This is going to be another amazing event brought to you by Trill Hip Hop Shop and Coolin Out Entertainment. Trilloween will be going down at the Trill Hip Hop Shop on Saturday, Oct 30th. This will be another swap meet style day time event with vendors and live performances.

Bukue One is the perfect edition to this special event. As an MC, b-boy, producer, and graffiti writer, he truly represents all elements of hip hop. As many of you know, Bukue is no stranger to Arizona. He has been welcomed here with open arms several times throughout the years. He truly is a talented individual and an all around solid guy, which is why we are stoked to have him be a part of our annual Trilloween celebration.

So far the Trilloween lineup includes Bukue One and Kool Keith. But no worries, there will be several additions to the bill announced in the upcoming weeks. If you are looking to set up a booth for the swap meet, shoot us a call at 602-595-4510 during business hours and get your reserved. You can also reach out to us via the Trill Hip Hop Shop official Facebook page.



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